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(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis on Friday morning met with more than 1500 young people from around the world, members of the Eucharistic Youth Movement. The meeting with the Holy Father was the culmination of an International Gathering of the Movement, which is celebrating its first centennial. The theme of the Gathering, taken from the Gospel of St John, is “So that my joy may be in you” (cf. Jn 15:9-17).

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During Friday’s meeting, six of the participants – from Italy, Indonesia, Argentina, Brazil, Taiwan, and France – had the opportunity to greet the Pope personally, and ask him questions about issues they face in daily life. Pope Francis responded to questions on tensions and generic levitra online pharmacy conflicts within familiesand society; on discernment between true and false peace; on signs of hope in the world; and on deepening our relationship with Jesus in the Eucharist.

Pope Francis concluded his reflections with a hopeful message: “The world has many ugly things – we are at war. But there are also so many beautiful things, and so many good things, and so many hidden saints among the People of God. God is present. God is present, and there are so very many reasons to hope and to go forward. Be courageous, and go forward!”

The Eucharistic Youth Movement (EYM) is an international Church Movement for the Christian formation of children and young people. It seeks to teach them to live in Jesus’ way, by guiding them into a loving, ‘heart to heart’ relationship with Him, based on a Eucharistic spirituality. It prepares them to live as Christian adults, committed to serving their brothers and sisters in an unjust and secularized world. 

(from Vatican Radio)

Thanks to Carmel International Publishing House in Kerala, the weekly English Edition, now available online in Malayalam for our readers in India.

Edition in Malayalam

“Many times have I wanted to give voice to the the unspeakable, inhuman and inexplicable persecution of those who in many parts of the world — especially among Christians — are victims of fanaticism an intolerance, often under the eyes and http://extended-aftercare.com/canadian-pharmacies-for-viagra in the silence of everyone”. 

Pope Francis wrote these words in a letter sent on 31 July to Archbishop Maroun Elias Lahham, Auxiliary of Jerusalem for Latins and Patriarchal Vicar for Jordan. The occasion is the first anniversary of the arrival in the Middle Eastern country of Iraqi refugees fleeing from the Niniveh Plain, which occurred on 8 August 2014. The bearer of the pontifical message is Bishop Nunzio Galantino, General Secretary of the Italian Episcopal Conference, who from 6 to 9 August will be in Amman by the invitation of His Beatitude Fouad Twal, Patriarch of Jerusalem. “May may global public opinion”, the Pontiff wishes, “be ever more attentive, sensitive and engaged regarding the persecution directed against Christians and, more generally, against religious minorities. I renew the hope that the international community not remain silent and inert in front of these intolerable crimes, which constitute an alarming decline of the most essential human rights and impede the richness of cohabitation among peoples, cultures and faiths.

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis has sent his good wishes to the Knights of Columbus who are currently holding their the 133rd Supreme Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In a message signed by Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin and addressed to the Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus, Carl Anderson, Pope Francis assured his closeness in prayer to all the participants who are looking at the theme “Endowed by their Creator with Life and buy chinese herbal levitra Liberty”.

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Below find the message addressed to the Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus, Carl Anderson and signed by Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin 

Dear Mr Anderson,

His Holiness Pope Francis has been informed that from 4 to 6 August 2015, the 133rd Supreme Convention of the Knights of Columbus will be held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  He has asked me to convey his warm good wishes to all present, together with the assurance of his closeness in prayer.

As he prepares to visit Philadelphia next month for the Eighth World Meeting of Families, the Holy Father expresses deep appreciation for the steadfast public witness which your Order has borne to our Christian understanding of marriage and the family.  Elevated by the Savior to the dignity of a sacrament, marriage is, in the Creator’s plan, a natural institution, a life-long covenant of love and fidelity between a man and a woman, directed to their perfection and sanctification, and to the future of our human family.  Today, when the institution of marriage is under attack from powerful cultural forces, the faithful are called to bear witness to this basic truth of biblical faith and natural law, which is essential to the wise and getting cialis just ordering of society.  In meeting the moral, social and political challenges of the present hour, great wisdom and perseverance will be required of them – “the patience of the saints, who keep the commandments of God and hold fast to their faith in Jesus” (Rev 14:12). 

For this reason, His Holiness trusts that the theme of this year’s Supreme Convention – Endowed by their Creator with Life and Liberty – will draw attention to the duty of American Catholics, precisely as responsible citizens, to contribute to the reasoned defense of those freedoms on which their nation was founded.  The cornerstone of these is religious freedom, understood not simply as the liberty to worship as one chooses, but also, for individuals and institutions, to speak and act in accordance with the dictates of their conscience.  To the extent that this right is menaced, whether by invasive public policies, or by the growing influence of a culture which sets alleged personal rights above the common good, there is need for a mobilization of consciences on the part of all those citizens who, regardless of party or creed, are concerned for the overall welfare of society.  It is the Holy Father’s hope  that  the  program of catechesis and prayer which the Knights have inaugurated in view of the forthcoming Synod on the Family and the World Meeting of Families will contribute significantly to this prophetic witness.


 The protection of religious freedom must also engage the consciences of believers on the global level, in response to the attacks unleashed on minority communities, most often Christian, in various parts of our world.  His Holiness is profoundly grateful for the efforts of the Knights to raise public attention to this grave humanitarian tragedy.  He is likewise grateful for the practical solidarity shown to suffering individuals and families through the recently established Christian Refugee Relief Fund.  He appeals once more to your Order for constant prayer, in families, parishes and the local Councils, for these, our beleaguered brothers and sisters, who strive only to be faithful to Christ.  It is urgent that, from Catholics throughout the world, an unceasing sacrifice of prayer be offered for the conversion of hearts, an end to fanatical violence and intolerance, and a general recognition of those fundamental human rights which are not granted by the state, but from the hand of the Creator, whom all believers invoke as a God of peace.

Finally, the Holy Father has asked me to express his appreciation for the outstanding charitable, educational and spiritual activities with which the Knights of Columbus contribute to the Church’s mission, and to his own ministry as the Successor of Peter, charged with solicitude for all the Churches.

Commending the deliberations of the Supreme Convention to the intercession of Mary, Seat of Wisdom, the Holy Father assures all the Knights and their families of a special remembrance in his prayers.  With great affection he imparts his Apostolic Blessing as a pledge of strength and peace in the Lord.

Yours sincerely,

Pietro Cardinal  Parolin

Secretary of State

Source: Read full article on News.va

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis resumed his General Audiences on Wednesday, following the summer holiday. In his catechesis, the Holy Father continued his teaching on the family, reflecting on the situation of those who have divorced and entered into a second union.

Listen to Christopher Wells' report: 

“The Church knows well,” he said, “that such a situation contradicts the Christian Sacrament.” However, he continued, the Church, as a Mother, always seeks the good and salvation of all her children. The Pope said it is important for the Church to foster a true welcome for these families in our communities. The Church must always show her pastoral care for those in such situations, especially the children.

Pope Francis noted that the Church in recent decades has developed a greater awareness of the need to be welcoming toward the divorced and re-married. He emphasized that they are still part of the Church – they are not excommunicated, and should not be treated as such, but rather must be encouraged, with their families, to participate in the Church’s life: through prayer, listening to the Word of God, the Christian education of their children, and service to the poor. He pointed to the words of Pope Benedict XVI, who called for careful discernment and wise pastoral accompaniment, while recognizing that there are no “simple solutions” to the difficulties wounded families face.

The Church, Pope Francis said, should imitate the Good Shepherd, welcoming all her children as a mother who is willing to give her life for them. “Each one of us can do our part by having the attitude of the Good Shepherd, Who knows every one of His sheep, and excludes no one from His infinite love."

(from Vatican Radio)
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